Confectioners Sugar (6X, 10X)


Imperial Sugar Company’s Confectionery Sugar is a pulverized sugar designed for customers who prefer the smoother texture often needed for formulation and equipment requirements. It is the perfect sugar to create a melt in your mouth final product. It is white in color and contains approximately 3% cornstarch to prevent it from caking together. We carry three confectionery products: 6X and 10X.


  • Texture is perfect to create a sweet and smooth mouthfeel
  • Light, soft texture allows for free flowing dusting for baked goods
  • No synthetic flavors, colors, fragrances, preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • Ample supply and quick to order fill
  • Streamlined sourcing, logistics, packaging and distribution capabilities to ensure reliable supply at competitive prices
  • OU Kosher Certified
  • None of the eight FDA listed major food allergens are stored, processed or used on site at Imperial Sugar facilities. For more information regarding allergens please visit our certifications page.


Baker’s Special Granulated Sugar may be used in numerous applications in both the food and nonfood industries such as:

  • Dusting Donuts
  • Cookie Centers
  • Shortbreads
  • Glazes
  • Frostings


Imperial Sugar Company’s Confectioners Sugar is refined and packaged in Port Wentworth, GA. Our product is packed in 25 lb and 50 lb multi-wall kraft paper bags, 2 lb poly bags and 1 lb boxes.

Storage and Handling

It is recommended that Confectionary Sugar is stored in an odor-free environment at 40 – 100 degree F and less than 60% relative humidity. Confectionary Sugar may be stored indefinitely if properly handled. Do not stack pallets more than two high to reduce compression caking.

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