From off-the-shelf solutions to custom formulations, Imperial Sugar Company can help you simplify your manufacturing process, reduce your ingredient costs, enhance your products and improve your profitability and productivity.

Sugar Expertise

Imperial Sugar Company’s Research and Development team consists of scientists who are focused on sweetening innovation. We continually seek out and test new ingredients, while simultaneously redefining sugar applications and processing technology. Our customers tap into their expertise to develop custom high-end sweeteners that other suppliers simply cannot provide. When your requirements seem impossible to other suppliers, we can help.

Strategic Value Chain

As a member of the Louis Dreyfus Company family, we bring a deep well of market intelligence backed by an international supply and distribution network. Hand-picked assets anchored at strategic points along the value chain and best-in-class risk management results in consistent supply and predictable pricing. Because of our global reach, we accelerate time to market, secure cost efficiencies and create synergies in every step of the process.

Through strategically located assets across the globe, we are strongly positioned to match product demand and supply. Our sophisticated risk management process allows us to manage and assess inherent supply chain risks including logistical, operational, country, financial and commodity price fluctuations, making us a trusted and reliable supplier.

Category Expansion

We can partner with you to improve your existing product lineup or create exciting new products to increase market share. From origination to distribution, Imperial Sugar Company has the network, knowledge and technical expertise to help you lead your product category.