Value Chain Integration

Hand-picked assets anchored at strategic points along the value chain and best-in-class risk management provide our customers with consistent supply and predictable pricing. With strong origination, processing and logistic capabilities, we can quickly seize market opportunities and help our customers do the same. Because of our global reach, we accelerate time to market, secure cost efficiencies and create synergies in every step of the process:

  • Origination
  • Production
  • Processing
  • Refining
  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Research
  • Merchandising
  • Customization
  • Distribution

Risk Management

Through strategically located assets across the globe, we are strongly positioned to match product demand from one part of the world with supply from another. Our sophisticated risk management process allows us to manage and assess inherent supply chain risks including logistical, operational, country, financial and commodity price fluctuations. We further mitigate risks through product and resource diversification. Geographic diversification makes us less susceptible to regional drought or biosecurity issues.

Market Intelligence

Imperial Sugar Company’s sugar expertise is unrivaled. Our long history in sugar and sweeteners give us nuanced view of the sugar markets that keeps us on the forefront of innovation. Strong fundamental research on international trade flows and futures market analysis makes us a trusted source of market intelligence. Academics, industry leaders and customers alike turn to us for insight on how to solve their most difficult business challenges. We provide our customers with the industry knowledge they need to better control purchasing risk and stabilize pricing.

Global Transport

From ocean freight to rail car and everything in between, Imperial Sugar Company provides flexible and cost efficient transportation solutions. Our deep well of logistical experience combined with Louis Dreyfus Company international distribution network provides economies of scale that we in turn pass on to our customers.

Investing in Future Growth & Expansion

Thanks to significant capital investments in our manufacturing facilities, supply chain and employeedevelopment, Imperial Sugar Company has the people and processes in place to consistently deliver on our history of quality, customer focus, flexibility and exceptional value. We are building upon Louis Dreyfus Company’s unique global capabilities and infrastructure to support our continued growth and diversification. By continuing to leverage Imperial Sugar Company’s trusted brands, unparalleled market expertise and technical product development capabilities, we are well-positioned to regain both market share and our hard-fought position as total solutions partner to our customers.