Food Quality & Safety

Imperial Sugar Company’s commitment to safety extends equally to protecting the consumers of our products. The same principles of commitment, accountability and responsibility exist for food quality and safety as they do for occupational safety. Each of us has a personal responsibility to ensure that our products meet rigorous standards of quality and safety. We continuously work to provide safe products that meet or exceed customer requirements by:

  • Identifying risks and critical control points;
  • Addressing those risks through training, policies, procedures, and/or engineering controls;
  • Testing and controlling raw materials and products through the production, packaging, and shipping cycles;
  • Communicating the risks to our associates and contractors and training our associates on policies and procedures necessary to work safely;
  • Auditing and inspecting our facilities to determine compliance;
  • Taking corrective action on a timely basis if deficiencies are identified; and
  • Maintaining accurate records.

To report any concerns about food quality or safety, contact the Telephone Hotline at 877-283-9256.