• Edible Blackstrap Molasses
  • Golden Cane Syrup
  • Amber Cane Syrup
  • Refiner’s Molasses
  • Cane Juice Molasses
  • Light Brown Sugar Syrups
  • Custom Syrup Formulations

None of the eight FDA listed major food allergens are stored, processed or used on site at Imperial Sugar facilities. For more information regarding allergens please visit our certifications page.

Customization Available

Imperial Sugar Company’s R&D team constantly works to maximize sugar’s versatility, leverage technology advancements and develop new and great-tasting sweeteners that balance taste and nutrition. From off-the-shelf solutions to custom formulations, our R&D experts collaborate with Food Scientists and Culinary Professionals to create sucrose-based and alternative sweeteners that meet a wide variety of needs and requirements.

Our extensive product knowledge makes formulating with our products extremely easy. For new custom product developments, we can adapt ingredient profiles and product formats to suit taste profile, texture, water activity, shelf life and bake stability requirements.

Request Product Documents

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